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Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Piece Of Music♫

Haha i long time nv type my blog lerhh .........haizz wait dunno 1.00 or 2.00 somthing i go barbercue hahaha go help my mother friend to cook somthing hahaha yesterday i also like tt .... walao dunno my computer why cannot type the words lerh when 2dae i open the computer ....i wanna to play MAPLE-VISTA also cannot play lerh coz cannot type mah then i gp use my sister laptop ........i wan to play audition also cannot zzzz sian lorh dunno wait wan to wear wat shirt go to barbecue .........i think wait i also have go out with my sister barhh coz when she wans to go out i will asked her or my cousin i can go with them a not de ............then when i at home nothing to do de jusy sit down there at the living room to wqatch tv or sleep or play com like tt very sian de leh .......HENG HENG i have my sister laptop argh !! hhahah lol ........ 2dae nothing to do lorh when i wake up i go toilet and BATH 1st then i go watch tv watch finish tv i go play computer then i realise my computer cannot type thing then i turn off then i go to the drawer to take her laptop then i on the lap... on lerh i go play www.y8.com play finish i go crubchyroll.com to watch stephen chow mv very funny leh !!! .....watch finish then i go to my blog and see how many ppl view me then see see onli SO LESS coz i nv LINK ppl mah .... my friend also don have blog haiz nbm ^^ just wait till my friends have blog then link to lorh !!! ........now my mother still sleepping hahaah heaven't wake up she very tierd .... yesterday so late sleep ... coz waiting 4 me to sleep mah hahahaha lol not funny .....sian nobody play with my and tok to me de lorh coz my sister ans brother go cousin house and sleep haha !! lol then dunno wat O'CLOCK then come bck i think when they come bck hen also come with my mother to go BABERCUE hahaha then i not so bored lerh !!! wahaha ...... ok i very tierd lerh la type so many words lerh ....haha lol ..go check if com ok lerh .......buaiss ^^

skull love you

7:18 PM

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