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Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Piece Of Music♫

haha just now go KFC and eat ...Yesterday my audi account just lvl 18 ^^ ....Holidays come lerhh YAY haha haiiz so sian lorhh tmr 8.30 nid go to school
then 12.00 then come bck ....dorts ..( ^(00)^ ) PIG FACE ....i think tmr 10.30 i will have a break barhh coz i at school have an ~ ENRICHMENT RPOGRAMME ~ hahaha
walao i don lik e lorh is our teacher tell us to go the but on 17 and 18 june when i also nid to go to school to have a tuition my Maths teacher Mdm Laily give us to eat CAKE hahaha i wish is chocolate cake ^^ i think tmr is at the class room tuition barh ...so good lorhh some of my friends they travel to another country ....then i don have i just stay at home watch TV or somthing else ....i wish that on chinese new year i will go malaysia 2 weeks or 1 weeks 2 days barhh ^^ coz always when we go malaysia only go short short time nia like onli 5 days or 4 days ........sian not enuf days lorhh ...when i go bck to singapore i will feel like i am going to malaysia again like that ...wahaha ....i like to eat snaks ~ YUMMY !! ~ haha....haiiz i gtg

skull love you

3:38 AM

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