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Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Piece Of Music♫

Tmr is sports carnival lerh dunno when i come bck my hair would be GREEN coulor a not.....hahas 2day i go VIVO-CITY its quite fun there there was a big stser name called CHARMINE she is very pretty and kind she tok to us nicely and teach us how to
do the work...... ^^ ......My friend calvin leong keep making her CRAZY cavin keep any how run then wan us to find him .....we told CHARMINE that he is very FAMOUS in our school .....he is naughty ...haiz sad lorh every boiboi in my class keep calling me ZHU WEI BA,AH ZHU,ZHU ROU eg. 'ANGRY' norh....then 2day when i stay bck,to help my eacher a while mah then i go home then when i go home when i take out things from my bag i realise that my pencil case is missing then i am scared i cried coz i am scared inside the pencil case hae many EXPENSIVE thing i dunno who take it i am angry and when i bath i also hink about it .......haiiz i wish that when tmr i go to school i will find till my pencil case....i now also sill thinking u know !!i am scared that me friends will take it away and don gib me bck or i cannot find itin my PRIMARY 5 class i am scared......nvm.....4GET IT !!!! i tmr go tell teacher then tell my teacher to help me check my classmate bag and under the dask......my pencil casee have many blue pen,black pen,mackanic pencil,liquid that is $3.90 de,ruler and many many thing ....haiiz i wish that god will leant me find till my pencil case and nobody will take it......

skull love you

4:36 AM

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