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Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Piece Of Music♫

Hahaha...2dae i go to the playground there with my fwend to play skipping ^^ ......
dunno on sunday she gort come a not ?? coz she want me to teach her to skip ....then i teach her lorh ahahah haizz sian lorh so early come back acctually i can still play de then my mother take care the gurl suddenly cry i also dunno why then i shock lorh then i tell her why then she say she hurt her foot then i tell her to sit at the bench then i help her to check, check finish then i tell her not to play and go and play skipping with my fwend ....when we play finish we go bck then when we reacher home i shouted to my mother to open the door then my mother say wait then u come bck u all go play 1st then my fwend suddenly saw my house key then i tell her to take out the skipping rope ...then we also saw my mother take care the baby shoes then i go and take go to tie the shoes on the skipping rope ...then i saw a bag near the kep then i go and take the bag then i go push the bag then the key move 2ward the floor then i go take the key and open the door .... Wahaha 2 dae so fun and funny lorh ....wahaha haizz i gtg i think 2morrow then i type again barhh ^^ ..

skull love you

2:20 AM

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