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Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Piece Of Music♫

Yesterday at 11.30 go to school coz i go N.E show...
Quite fun but very hot at there me and my fwned wendy wang keep toking and toking bcoz the show heavent strt that's y we keep toking then got 1 boi that was sitting beside me like keep shouting and also got 1 boi sitting behine wendy,when he shout,
he shout so loud and he also shout like a gay....hahahahaahahahha..
so funny.......haiiz
they hab gib us a guddy bag and inside the guddy bag they gib us many snacks,apple,hamberger wah and many many thing sia...
me and my 3 fwend 'Azri,Amirul and wendy keep saying wah so many thing argh..
haha...then i think we cannot eat finish the food that they gib us...
wah then at night they put FIRE WORK so BEAUTIFUL sia...L O L
then got 2 areoplane make HEARTS they make untill so nice
then somepeople take out their handphone and take picture of the areoplane that makes HEARTS :D
then a while i felt thirsty then i keep drinking the water...
Drink,drink and drink, Drink finish all the water aready..
Then a short while a teacher come to us and say 'who wans water please rease ur hand'..
then i rease then she gib me 1 bottle of water...
wah seh so fun sia at there,when i am at PRI6 i wish that our school will make this
event again lorh ...if hab i sure go de ...
i won't 4gort that day that i go to the N.E show ....
:D ... XD


skull love you

1:36 AM

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