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Friday, July 4, 2008

My Piece Of Music♫

zz...longtime nv type this blog lerh coz no time and i very lazy to type blog so sian sia at home then wait till 2.30 then i nid go BUGIS with my cousin and my sis lerh.... wahaha..then wait go there buy thing to eat ..At home noth to eat de sia tell my bro to buy bread then he say ok ..when come home noth on his hand zzz....
always like that de then when he want to go out i want to tell him to buy for me chocolate or sweet he say NONONO ... walao always stay at home de cannot go out father don't lent....zzz lorh...walao wait when i go out i want to buy many things home to eat or not noth to eat in house ...then i also nid to buy watch 4 my fwend WINNIE ^^ ....haizz...i dunno she want to go with my sis and cousin a not....i think wait she hab come to my house and play barh coz she gort go JURONG POINT mah then she also say she will come my house then gib my $5 haha then i go my sis blog and lent her see a boi who love 1 gurl but the boi go and kill the gurl that he love ...that boi is very CURIOUS man he go and killed the gurl aready then he go eat the gurl WHOLEBODY sia then the boi also take a photo of the gurls hand on the plate
the boi go and bake the body sia zz so DISCUSTING ......when i see lerh then i don dare to sleep coz very scary then i wait till my mother sleep then i sleep...i hate that boi sia dunno why he want to kill the gurl and eat her.. when the boi eat finish ther gurl her said that SHE WILL BE BESIDE HIM WHENEVER HE GOES .........
zz..i think that the gurl would not forgive him and will come and find him ..then the gurl also have a baby ....when the boi kill her and eat finish her then the boi got and open her stomach then take out the baby...the boi also can see the intestine wat then the boi go take out the intestine and eat.......the boi say that her body is very DELICIOUS......haizz i think left 3 more min then my sis come home and fatch me to bugis lerh wahaha.... zz..

skull love you

11:13 PM

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