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Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Piece Of Music♫

so siian ..
On afternoon go out with my fwend winnie..wahaha..zzz..
we go minimart to eat and then we also buy somthings to eat..
i buy snacks ad drinks ,she nv buy ...
then when we buy finish we go to the playground and play,But....there is too many ppl at there so we nv play we cycle round the anfitheatres 14 round...when cycle finish,i tell her that i think that nobody is at there lerh then we go play chatching 4 5 mins like that then go went home and play computers, but, when we come hom,e my brothers fwend was there too playing computers, so we wait till they go out,wait wait wait,FINALLY they go to west mall and celebrate his fwend birthday...
zzzzzz.......he told me to tell my mother that he will be late home....
so,my and my fwend go play the computers i play AUDITION a while then i off9...coz my fwend winnie says that she wants to play y8.com then i lent her to play.....
play play play, play untill 6.03 ....
She says that she nids to go home....sadded lorh so fast want to go home ...
haiiz but when she want to go aready i told her to buy 1 packs of mentoes then tmr to gib me...
then i also tell her that i would pay her bck 1.03...
i also dunno how much larhh... ( ^ (00) ^ )
wahaha....... PIG FACE....
CUTE A NOT??????? .......
L O L = Laugh Out Loud lorh...
walao very sian sia nothing to do just sit in frount of the computer and type things.....
walao i think that she tmr she will come to my house again barhh she says de.....
haiiz ....i think that i gtg lerh ....
L M A O = Laugh My Ass Out .......
noth to do la
bb la

skull love you

5:30 AM

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