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Friday, September 26, 2008

My Piece Of Music♫

Ello Again !!

Laws ...2dae in the morning abt 9 somthing wake up then go toilet ...

After going to the toilet ..i go bath ..Lawx ..Then i now listening many songs

I like "ENGLISH SONGS" ..Very nice ..Then went i bath finish ..i prepared myself

and waited 4 my mother to do finish thing 1st ..Then,we go to the "P A P" there ..

Cause i at there tuition ...i at there learn chinese ..Laws ...

So tierd ..I dun lyke to go there tuition ..There very sian de ..When we come there

liao..Then nid to take out a book then prepared 4 spelling .. That's why i dunn lyke

Hahaas .. Tmr , go out wif my teachers and frends ^^ ..We going to boon lay CC there

to habb a childern's day party!! Yeah !! Feeling quiet happy 4 it ..I think i wanna

to bring handphone there liaos !! SMS to frend or watevar when i reach there ...

or when i wan to go back liao can called bck home ...Wahaha ..Wait at night abt

6.00 lyke that nid to SWIMMING LESSON !! Haissh ..i dunno learn wat style liao..

4gort !! Laws !! Then dunno my mother wanna to go there swim a not sia !!

Sobb i think my mother never go there swim lerh bahh !! She nidd to PEII her

frends to tok !! Laws !! Cause her frends child is same class wif me !!

We r onli frends ..Pls don think too much !! Jk jk ...^^

I think i tmr abt 9 somthing go wibb my frend liaos !! Haissh ..I heavent tell

them i habb go leh !! Cause i 2dae tell my mother i wanna to go there wif them

..Then my mother say anything lorh !! Then i go lorh ...Wahaa ..so siian sia ..

Keep staying at home de cannot go out wif frends !!! Mother dunn leant !!

I sobb "KE LIAN" Laws ...I just saying nia !! I feeling lyke changging my blogg

skins !! But i dunno how to change ..Sobb nid to wait 4 my sister to come bck ..

She at night then come bck de ..Very siian nobody chatt wif me !! That's why i type

blogg ^^

I think i now wanna to go online my MSN liaos !! Who wanna to add me ??

Here is my E-MAIL : christabelle-weilin@live.com

Wahah ..wishes that u will add me ^^

If who add me !! Thank You !! ( ^ (00) ^ )

skull love you

11:50 PM

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