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Friday, September 26, 2008

My Piece Of Music♫

Ello !!

Dunno how many days i nv type thish blogg liao !!

Haha..2dae at school abt 7.05 lyke that i wif many frends

heavent go up to the hall..cause every time we at 7.00 must go

up to the hall liao...Then,we still heavent go up .. after abt

7.07 lyke that we go up ..Then 1 of my frend come to me and say

Can you be my "NU-ER" ...Then i say anything lorh ...

Sobb .. Next time went i saw her i must called her "MUMMY" ...

I also lyke her to be my mummy cause she is helpful ..

Sometimes went i habb problem i go find her ..She will help me de

Haha ..I am quite happy to habb i "GANS-MOTHER" .. lols

Hiazz ...2dae at CCA time .. we play musical chairs ..Then,the teacher

say that all the lvl must play .. Then i play,dunno play untill a while ..

i lose ..Then i quite "PAISEH" larhh cause some of them early alrdy out liao

then went i out ..They will laugh at me de mahh ..Sobb i very "PAISEH" ..

Then,after a while lyke dunno abt 8.55 lyke that we stop playing musical

chairs ..we draw ..I drwa a bigg flower and write "MY SONG BOOK" ..

i anyhow decorate de ..cause i dunno how to decorate ..Too big alrdy the

paper ..Then at last choose to draw and write lorh ..laws ..

Then now waiting 4 my big sister to come bck and bring me to boon lay

buy chicken wing to eat and buy pancakes ^^ ...Yesterday we also gort go boon

lay and buy ..The chicken wing is delicious ... I lyke it very much ..

Then 2dae went i come bck from school .. i straight aways SMS my sister to bring

me go boon lay went she come bck from her work ... But then .. now she

still heavent come bck from her work .. i cannot wait 4 her liao

feel lyke going by myself ... laws ...

I think its tyme to leant me to rest and watch television ^^ ...

"Good Bye" cya next tyme went i am typing me blogg ^^

Wishes You To BE Happy Always .. ( ^ (00) ^ )

skull love you

5:23 AM

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