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Monday, September 29, 2008

My Piece Of Music♫

Hello !!

Hahas tmr ish "CHILDERN'S DAY" liaos ^^ ...Very happy ..Wait can get many things..

Haissh !! Very boring at home !! I think i tmr bring a small bck to school plus a

story book ..Or not arhh i will stand ..If i stand arhh very paiseh de cause i

am a "PREFECT" laws !! Haissh yesterday i can blogg more de ..Cause of my uncle..

He say he want to bring me to boon lay and eat ...Then 2dae at abt 6.05 lyke that

wake up go toilet !! Then,went come out from the toilet ..I quickly tie my hair ..

Cause my bus going to come then i faster tie ..Tie finish liao ..Then i eat beakfast

...When i eat finish liao then quickly go to the kitchen and take my socks ...

Cause my house kitchen there habb a very very very smalll " BALKENY " ..But also not

call balkeny larhh ..I also dunno how to say ..Wahaha ..Laws !! Then after i take

my socks i quickly wear it ..I also go bhinde the door and take my school shoes ..

Then i faster wear ..When i wear finish liao ..Then i run untill the LIFT ..Then i

wait ..Wait wait and wait ..The lift come liao i go inside the lift then quickly

press the button ..The lift slowly go down .Then reach story 1 liao ..I run and

run and run ....Run untill the bus area ..Put down my bag then wait 4 the bus abt

2min lyke that ..Then the bus come ...Hiassh ..I very siian keep staying at home

untill abt 6.30,6.35 or 6.40 then i go minimart to buy things go home and eat ^^

I think i now better go and tidy my bag 1st or i at night then packed ..Laws !!

I also dunno wat tyme then i wan to packed !! So tierd ..I now waiting 4 my uncle

to come bck ..Cause i tell him to buy many thing home !! Dunno he have buy many

thing a not sia !! Laws !! yesterday come bck from church ..Then my frend say want

to go jurong point a not then i say anything lorh !!! Then we go ..Reach jurong

point liao ..Then we go arcet and play awhile ..Then my frend sister want to dance

Then we tell her that we go take "NEW PRINT" Laws !! So fun sia ^^

We do many PATERN when we r taking the photo !! Hahaha ..Then abt dunno 1 somthing

lyke that horh !! We go another arcet !! Then when i want to go in liao ..I saw my

frend "CXUAN" Law !! Then i pretent i never see him lol then he also pretent never

see me ..Then we lyke PAISEH lyke that !! Aiyoyo ..I keep thinking why so paiseh ??

Why huh ?? i also dunno why i so paiseh when i see my frend in the shopping or

any where !! Haiyoyo ..I think i gtg liaos lorh !!

Buaiss !! cya next tyme pls rmb to add me !! ( christabelle-weilin@live.com )

^^ must add me .. no larhh ..jk jk !!

skull love you

12:20 AM

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