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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Piece Of Music♫


i am bck !! Laws ...Sobb .. This time round i at school keep crying ..

i also dunno whye ...I 2day at school during 10.00 like that ..i go to the

JENERAL OFFICE ..i go and tell the ppl in the office that i wanna to go home

cause i have a very very big headache ...

Haishhh ...Thn,they tell me to go and tell my teacher .. Thn i go and tell ..tell

liao then my teacher asked me that i have sick a not ..thn i said NOPE ...haishh ...

thn dunno when i go bck home ..my chinese have wadd homework ...wish don have

homework lorh ...Cause i already have a big headache then still nid to do so many

homework ...Haishh..when i come bck from school .. I eat PANADOLS and some BITTER

BITTER DRINKS ...YUCKS !!! Not nice ...thn the PANADOLS also very big ...

Thn now my head still very pain lorh ..Don't know tmr have go school a not ...

On this thursday,friday and next monday and tuesday have no school ...quiet happy

can go out with my family agn ..thn now my cousin and my brother dunno chatting wadd

thing ..Keep laughing and laughing ...non-stop ...

I think i qot to stop here !!

BUAISS all ..cya next timme went i have blog ..

skull love you

12:36 AM

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